400Watt lighting system

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Just looking for a few prices

Looking for a 400 watt setup

Ø                              Ballast – middle range
Ø                              Reflector – small
Ø                              Lamp

Looking for a system that is interchangeable – e.g. , I could use a mh globe for veg stages and then switch to a hps globe for flowering.

Hey there.

Thanks for your email.

Sorry we were closed on Monday (Labour Day), so I’ve just seen your email now its Tuesday morning.

We have 400W Metal Halide lamps that go into our HPS Ballasted kits.

Our current price on lighting kits are here.


There are a few options for reflectors in 400W

For really restricted areas, such as Wardrobes, I suggest the Adjustashade mini.

For everything else, the Batwing for price, or the small adjustashade for more even light distribution.

There is a Cool tube to duct heat out, and this can be useful, particularly in Summer.

The JBL Ballasts are as high a quality as we can get in Magnetic ballasts.

Electronic ones, are expensive, but provide higher output and higher yield while saving you around 10% in power.

For Lamps, the Phillips Son T or the GE Lucagrow are top of the range lamps.

Switching lamps is a personal preference, there are arguments for and against using a Metal Halide.

Using Metal Halides in Growth can give you more branches, and a tougher stem.

That should mean more branches = more fruiting/flowering locations.

But with the narrower gap between branches, some feel its harder to take cuttings than those grown under HPS.

It’s a personal preference, not a right and wrong.

Hope that helps.


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